Science workshops

2016 May: Second SPIRou science meeting

The second SPIRou science meeting was held in Nice on 2016 May 5-6 In parallel with the ongoing construction / integration of SPIRou in which the project team is involved, the SPIRou science community is getting ready for observations, and in particular actively preparing for the large 500-night SPIRou Legacy Survey / SLS that will accompany […]


2014 September: First SPIRou Science Meeting

The first SPIRou science meeting was held in Paris on 2014 September 22-25 After completing its Final Design Review (FDR), SPIRou has now entered the construction and integration phase.Time was thus ripe to start working on the overall science preparation for SPIRou, and in particular on the detailed definition of the SPIRou Legacy Survey (SLS), […]